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Having your home and/or business professionally power-washed is the single best and most cost effective thing you can do to dramatically improve its appearance and protect the exterior.

Residential  Properties

The property value and curb appeal of your home goes above and beyond any other investment you can make to your property. We work with you case-by-case or annually to make sure your property is clean and beautiful.

Business / Commercial Properties

As property manager, it’s important to find a contracting advocate to help enhance and maintain the value of your property. We understand the needs of property managers and manage our work around the sensitive and needs of tenants.

Concrete, Brick, Stone Sidewalks / Driveways

Due to this rapid growth of algae, mildew and mold, it's very important to keep surfaces looking the way they did on the day it was built. Routine cleaning of all surfaces is the only way to protect a property from the damage caused by these rapid growths.

Gutter Cleaning

One of the most important systems to your home or office that can also be the easiest to overlook. Routine maintenance of your gutter system and keeping the drains clean is crucial to keeping out moisture and water from your property. Yearly, seasonal maintenance is advised.

Parking Lots / Garages / Entry Ways

Safety is a huge concern when you have high foot or vehicle traffic in entry ways, exits, or parking structures. These areas need to be clear of dirt, debris and oil or grease. Maintaining your property will avoid slips, falls and vehicle accidents. Let our experts keep your property safe and clean!

Pools/ Hot Tubs / Water Features

Water features to your home are prone to needing the most care and cleaning. Open exposure to air and water can cause fading or algae build up to occur on a regular basis. We can assist in pool, tub or fountain reconditioning bringing your tile, stone or custom design to life.

Decks/ Patios/ Sheds/ Fencing/ Roofs

Just as important as your house or business, the amenities and structures supporting your landscaping or outdoor living need full attention too! We love to clean and maintain your outdoor living spaces to keep them usable and help them last year after year.

Vehicle / Fleet Cleaning

Be confident that your companies fleet is looking its best. Advertise your stability and success with a clean image. Let our experienced team keep your fleet running grime and hassle free.

Home and business owners should understand that their property is under attack year round.


Green and brown spots (algae/mold/mildew) are living organisms which attach themselves to the materials of your property (siding/facade/roof) and begin their life cycle. Not only does it look unsightly, in some cases the organisms are actually feeding on your property. The black streaks you see on roofs are more than dirt, it's a byproduct from microorganisms, most commonly called Gleocapsa Magna, which are feeding on the limestone filler of the roof shingles. The damage caused by these pest can shorten the service life of a roof shingle by half if not treated. H20 PROS not only pride ourselves in our work to clean your property, but we take the time to educate the owner of why are services are important. The limited time and minimal expense you take now to maintain your property will save you the increased time and expense later needed to replace or repair damage from neglect.

Don't have time to clean your vehicle? No Problem!

H2O PROS will come to your business or home to wash your vehicle for you. Just set up a time and location and we will take care of the rest.

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